• Gifts Ideas to Support Mental Health

    Finding the perfect gifts for the important people in your life can overwhelm your budget and mind. You may be baffled how to go about finding something that the receiver will like and value. Have you considered a gift that might enhance mental health? Here is a list of ideas from the Mindful Counseling Center to get you started thinking about affordable gifts with the potential to support mental health.

    Books: Some ideas

    Apps: You can purchase these or help them get set up with a free app. Some ideas

    o Supports mental health

    o Supports meditation

    Products: Some ideas

    o For mental health

    o To support wellbeing

    • Matted and/or framed artwork, poetry and prose
    • Pottery
    • Music
    • Windchimes
    • Plants and flowers
    • Puzzles
    • Subscriptions to services (magazines, apps, monthly books delivered to their doorstep, a year of music lessons, weekly food deliveries, a year membership to a fitness center, etc.) 

    o To support positive habits

    • For bird watchers: bird-feeders and food, binoculars, reference books
    • For shell collectors: reference books, collection bags/containers, a rare shell
    • For book lovers: bookmarks, reading glasses, book holders, book journal
    • For walkers/runners: shoes, hats and gloves, other accessories
    • For those with love animals: gifts to help them play with their animals, books about animals, a donation to an animal shelter
    • Best gifts for yoga lovers (Choosing Therapy)

    o To support creativity

    Homemade items: Some ideas

    o Share a music playlist or create one together

    o If you play an instrument or sing or write music, record or write music for them

    o Artwork of all sorts (you don’t have to be an official artist)

    o Personalized cards, bookmarks, journals, calendars, mugs

    o Grounding stones: How to Use Grounding Stones for Anxiety and Panic Attacks (thecounselingpalette.com

    Experiences: Some ideas

    o Offer to help find a therapist or support group to address issues they want to work through

    o Offer to be a buddy to start something that supports their mental health, such as meditation, walking, exercise, mindful eating, etc.

    o Offer to accompany them through something that is difficult or stressful (e.g., medical treatments, visiting certain relatives)

    o Provide financial support for mental health therapy, a class or other self-care activity

    o Plan something fun together: e.g., go for a walk, a hike, a shell collection search,  photography outing, a bookstore visit, a local winery or brewery visit, the zoo, to paint pottery, a concert, a movie, dancing, an art museum or gallery opening, antiquing, a night or day out on the town, a hotel stay, share a meal or coffee, volunteer for a worthy cause in your community, spend a day doing spa-like activities

    o Join something together (a class, a group, an organization, etc.)

    o Do something for them that they don’t like to do: e.g., organize their closet, clean, go food shopping, make a meal for them, put together a kit for relaxation (teas, candles, bubble bath soap, etc.)

    o Do something that supports them in spending time with their significant other (e.g., babysit their kids or get them a bottle of wine/cider to take out to dinner)

    Donate in their name to an organization that supports mental health: some ideas

    o Top 13 Mental Health Charities Making a Big Impact (donorbox.org)

    o For local and regional organizations in Southeastern NJ, here are a few links:

    Purchasing products that support mental health organizations: some ideas

    o 33 Admirable Gifts That Give Back To Charity [Good Causes] (snacknation.com)

    o 49 Gifts That Give Back to Meaningful Causes & Charities (goodhousekeeping.com) 

    o Best Gifts that Give Back: Our Favorite Charitable Organizations (lucieslist.com)

    Updated 10-2023