• Self-Care Support

    Learn . Explore . Be Inspired

    The Mindful Counseling Center’s web-based self-care support offerings supplements our therapy services and educates the community on issues related to mental health and wellbeing.

    Reducing Stigma, Supporting Treatment and Recovery

    The Mindful Counseling Center is committed to reducing the stigma attached to mental health conditions and supporting people struggling with these conditions in living more fully, with greater contentment. The reality is that mental health problems are common across the U.S. and world, treatment is available, and recovery is possible for most people experiencing them.

    Our self-care support offerings provide education on mental health and self-care issues, techniques that people can use to help manage them, and ways that others can support people in their lives who are dealing with these issues while also taking care of themselves. 

    Cultivating Mindfulness

    Our self-care support offerings also provide opportunities to learn more about how to cultivate mindfulness in your life, as well as other “building blocks of well-being” that research suggests supports health and happiness and foster positive connections (Keys to Well-Being | Greater Good). Greater mindfulness, in and of itself, is believed to reduce stress, enhance emotional well-being and promote overall health, by allowing us to see more possibilities for healthy choices in the present moment (Mindfulness, Stress & Health Lab – Mindfulness Philadelphia).

    To cultivate mindfulness, we focus on providing venues for you to:

    • Learn about mindfulness and other keys to well-being, and of the benefits they can confer.
    • Explore ways to utilize mindfulness to better cope with stressful and difficult situations, as well as evoke more contentment and enjoyment in your life.
    • Inspire you to prioritize your well-being, nourishing those qualities within you that will help you balance the positives in your life with the hardships, so that you can grasp inner peace and joy, both in times of ease and times of struggle.   

    Click on the boxes below for our self-care support offerings. Check back frequently for new offerings! Reach Out to the Mindful Counseling Center for more information.

    Browse in Office

    There is a Self-Care Support binder in the Mindful Counseling Center office that contains much of the content of this webpage. Ask staff for help if you can’t locate it. If you have questions, contact us.