• Addiction & Compulsion

    Addiction and compulsive behaviors can cause significant life disruptions.

    A compulsion is an insatiable urge to do something–binge eat, purge, restrict food, self-harm, pick skin or pull hair, shop, hoard and more. Obsessions (recurring, intrusive thoughts) and compulsions can occur together, leading people to engage in rituals (double checking locks, excessive hand washing, re-reading of school assignments, etc.) to reduce anxiety or other negative emotions.

    With addiction, there is a need to do something to experience pleasure or remove discomfort. The actions linked with addiction (to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) are usually associated with pleasure in individuals not suffering from it, but actions become debilitating when they cross into addiction. In contrast, behaviors associated with compulsion are usually linked with feelings of fear/anxiety of what will happen if the urge is not followed.

    With help, you can free yourself from addiction and compulsive behavior. Both are treatable conditions, with mental health therapy a component of treatment. Contact the Mindful Counseling Center today to discuss the issues you are dealing with and explore if one of our therapists can assist you in recovery and/or if a referral to other treatment providers would be useful.

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