• Self-Criticism

    • Are you your own worst enemy?
    • Do you feel “not good enough?”
    • Do you find yourself replaying situations and kicking yourself for what you said/didn’t say?
    • Do you feel like a failure or phony in some area of your life, despite evidence to the contrary?
    • Do you are perfectionist and often dissatisfied because your standards are not met?

    This is the realm of the “inner critic,” where self-judgement, self-doubt and self-blame flourish. 

    Unfortunately, we tend to take at face value what our inner critic tells us about ourselves and our life circumstances. And we often accept its fault finding regarding what we feel, think, say, do, look like, etc.

    But the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to keep suffering at the hand of your inner critic.

    We all have times when we “beat ourselves up.” But, for many of us, the inner critic operates like a background movie, always playing and demanding our attention. We believe the inner critic, rather than seeing self-criticism as a universal experience, something all of us contend with at times.

    If you would like help figuring out how to tame your self-critic–and get relief from self-judgement, self-doubt and self-blame–reach out to make an appointment with one of the Mindful Counseling Center’s psychotherapists.