• Help Us Enhance Mental Health in NJ

    Please support our group counseling practice’s efforts to enhance mental health in New Jersey. Below are four simple ways you can help. Thank you for whatever you can do.

    • You can support your family, friends and colleagues who are dealing with mental health issues in reaching out to a counseling practice such as the Mindful Counseling Center. Feel free to share our phone, email and website address with them. 
    • If they are experiencing a mental health emergency/crisis, you can let them know that immediate 24/7 support is available. They can call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org (988 is the national suicide and crisis lifeline). They can also call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department.
    • You can follow and like our social media pages (Click on the icons for Facebook, Instagram and Linked In at the bottom of this page). Also like and share our posts on social media.
    • You can support local nonprofit mental health organizations (see Links to Information for a few) in raising awareness of mental health care needs and resources.