• Multiple Mental Health Conditions

    It is not uncommon for people to seek help from the Mindful Counseling Center for more than one mental health issue.  

    If you are dealing with co-existing mental conditions or think you have symptoms of multiple disorders, it can feel intimidating to seek assistance. You may feel alone and resigned to being ruled by your mental illnesses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is help available and there is no shame in reaching out. You are so worthy of help and of being more contented in your life. 

    To start the process of getting help to manage multiple mental health conditions: 

    • Begin to educate yourself about what you are dealing with. 
    • Identity healthcare providers in the community who can assist you with comprehensive care–your primary care doctor may be able to refer you to appropriate mental health providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, etc.). 
    • Work with your mental health providers to seek diagnoses and come up with a treatment plan (medication, talk therapy, self-care strategies, etc.) tailored for you. 
    • Implement the plan (with other’s support as needed). 
    • Tweak the plan, in conjunction with treatment providers, if the treatment doesn’t seem to be helping, your symptoms change or if new situations arise that impact your mental health.

    It likely will require a sustained effort to get the help you need, but it can be done with commitment, patience and self-compassion. Please don’t give up if you don’t get relief in the short-term. Look for ways to avoid major overwhelm or frustration in your ongoing quest to better manage your mental health conditions. 

    For example, break the process down into small steps (however small you need them to be). If there is a long wait to get started with the diagnostic or treatment process, give yourself related tasks to do in the interim (such as talking about your struggles with a friend who is a good listener or calling a crisis worker as needed via the free 24/7 national 988 suicide and crisis lifeline, taking care of your physical health and finding out more about mental health conditions online (two good websites to get rolling with are the National Alliance for Mental Illness and Mental Health America).

    Another thing you can do to help cope with stress and frustrations related to getting the right mix of treatment: Build a network of personal support (support groups included) to aid you in the difficult times and celebrate with you in good times. One resource for support: Support for Those with Mental Health Conditions.

    Contact the Mindful Counseling Center to discuss your options for getting started with talk therapy.

    (This article is excerpted from our blog, When You Have More than One Mental Health Condition.  Also see Challenges of Addressing Comorbid Mental Disorders and Living with Multiple Mental Disorders.)