• Meditative Activities

    Meditation practice offers a mindful way for you to be in the moment more fully. When you remain present in the moment, it can help you reduce your worry about the past and anxiety about the future. It can aid you in self-soothing, build your capacity to “roll with” the stress in your life and heighten your sense of appreciation of what surrounds and affects you and others. If you get distracted in your meditative practice, no problem; drifting from one thought and feeling to another is a normal state for our brains. You just refocus and begin again and again.

    There are all sorts of meditative activities you can do on your own–and independent meditation is encouraged. However, it can also be useful to tap into guided meditation activities to aid you in making meditation a daily routine. Meditating with support from others, whether they be meditation facilitators or other people in your life, can enrich and sustain your practice.

    Below are some ideas for meditative activities-both from the Mindful Counseling Center and via links to external resources. Check back periodically for new listings.

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