• Shouldn't I be able to handle things on my own? How can a therapist help?

    Although many of us believe strongly in self-reliance, the truth is that everyone needs help from others now and then. There is no weakness in asking for and getting help. People who ask for assistance realize when they need it and then find the courage to seek it.

    Your therapist can offer you a confidential and supportive place to explore the issues you are facing, teach you skills and expand your perspectives, listen to you without judgment, and help you listen to yourself. Through therapy, you can build on your strengths to deal with your issues in satisfying, effective ways.

    What kind of therapy does the Mindful Counseling Center do?

    The Mindful Counseling Center is a private group psychotherapy practice that recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” form of therapy. Your decision to reach out for help is a personal one, and you and your situation are unique. We work with you to create a therapeutic plan of action based on your specific needs. We believe people have strengths within themselves to make positive changes. Therapy helps to uncover, or rediscover, our inner strength and wisdom.

    For more on treatment modalities/approaches and therapeutic issues addressed, see Therapy Services.

    Note that the Mindful Counseling Center works with individuals aged 14 years and older. We do not prescribe or manage psychiatric medications, provide court-mandated evaluations/treatment or evaluate students for accommodations for disabilities or special education services. 

    What is mindfulness? How does it fit into psychotherapy?

    Mindfulness involves paying attention in the present moment, intentionally and without judgment. It is practiced through the observation and acceptance of your thoughts, emotions and sensations. Mindfulness practice is about being willing to notice where your thoughts, emotions and sensations take you, and then bringing your attention back to the present. (In part from ptsd.va.gov)

    Particularly over the past decade, mindfulness has worked its way into the world of mental health because of its benefits to cognition and mental well-being (therapistaid.com). Mindfulness techniques in therapy can be useful for people who want to increase their self-awareness, compassion and satisfaction in their lives. While our therapists employ an array of therapeutic modalities, they all seek to mindfully meet clients where they are at in the present, helping them explore their unresolved issues and/or barriers to thriving in their lives.

    Also see Our Approach and Therapy Services.

    To whom does the Mindful Counseling Center offer psychotherapy?

    We offer therapy for individuals of all genders aged 14 and up, and people in relationships.

    We also can offer group therapy sessions on specific topics if and when sufficient interest arises to form a group.

    See Therapy Services.

    How do I know if the Mindful Counseling Center is a good fit for me?

    It’s important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with. All of our clinicians are experienced, dedicated therapists who provide compassionate, evidence-based care. The best way to check the “fit” for you is to schedule an initial appointment where you can ask us questions and discuss your concerns.

    What does the tree in the Mindful Counseling Center's logo represent?

    The “tree of life” is part of the logo because it is an apt metaphor for personal growth, through times of ease and times of strife. The Mindful Counseling Center can assist you with this growth process, aiding you in dealing with life’s stressors and enjoying life more.

    What is the length of a therapy session?

    Typically, therapy sessions at the Mindful Counseling Center run from 45 to 60 minutes. Longer sessions may be available, if you and your therapist decide together that they might be useful—for example, if are at a place where you want to delve deeper into an issue than shorter sessions allow, and you can tolerate focusing on the issue for an extended time period. Of course, your therapist would need to have availability for longer lengths of time.

    Does the Mindful Counseling Center take insurance?

    The Mindful Counseling Center is an in-network (“preferred”) provider for a number of plans, including Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield (including Omnia, NJ Direct and Federal Employee Plan), Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, Northeast Carpenters Fund, Amerihealth, Optum and United Healthcare.

    We do not accept Medicaid (including NJ Family Care).

    We can also work with you on an out-of-network basis and accept self-pay.

    Please call our office for up-to-date information on our status with your insurance company.

    Are psychotherapy services in-person or virtual?

    The Mindful Counseling Center offers in-person therapy at our office, as health conditions allow, as well as virtual services through a web-based platform and via the phone.

    Does where I live affect my access to counseling via the Mindful Counseling Center?

    If you live in New Jersey, you can access psychotherapy via the Mindful Counseling Center. All of our therapists are licensed to provide counseling services throughout the state.

    We offer therapy virtually–through a web-based platform and via the phone–to individuals 14 years of age and up and to people in relationships throughout the state of New Jersey. In-person therapy at our office is available to those who can access it (and as health conditions permit). The office is easy to access for individuals, couples and families coming from Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Ocean counties. Contact us today to discuss whether remote or in-person services fits your needs best.

    Anyone can access the classes and workshops we periodically offer, regardless of where they live.

    How do I get to the Mindful Counseling Center Office?

    The office is located at 3069 English Creek Ave. Egg Harbor Township, NJ (in the Providence Professional Park, South Campus), Suite 224. Please see Our Office for more about our office and for help finding our office location.   

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