• Professional Referrals

    Let’s Work Together to Address Patient Needs

    If you are an allied professional interested in making patient referrals to the Mindful Counseling Center for mental health therapy, you can send us referrals by fax, email or mail. Our fax is 609-573-5433. Our email and address are listed above.

    If you do not have a referral form, you can use ours: 

    Click here to download our referral form.

    A staff member will reach out to the referred patient ideally within 48 hours of receiving a referral.

    Be sure to first ask patients you would like to refer to our practice if they are willing to be referred. If they express interest, seek their permission to share the relevant personal information with our practice, and to allow our practice to contact them to explore their mental health care options. 

    Also feel free to direct patients to our website for further information and/or print out our practice fact sheet for them.

    We appreciate referrals you send our way and will do our best, within the scope of center services, to assist referred patients. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Why Refer Your Patients for Mental Health Care?

    In the course of service delivery as an allied professional, have patients raised mental health concerns that go beyond the help you provide? If you learn that adverse mental health symptoms are impairing your patients’ daily functioning/ability to cope, it can be helpful to acknowledge the symptoms and offer to connect them to mental health providers who can aid them in reducing their suffering and increasing their functionality.

    Referral Approaches

    One approach to making referrals is to provide your patients with contact information for mental health providers, with the hope that patients will reach out for assistance on their own, and providers will be responsive. Another approach is to ask patients if they would like a referral for mental health therapy and, if so, request permission to share their select information with mental health providers. Ideally, once providers receive the referral, they reach out to the patient to ascertain their interest in mental health care, explore their needs and schedule an appointment if appropriate.

    Connect with Experienced Counselors in the Community

    While you can send any mental health therapy practice a referral request in the hopes that they will follow-up with your patients in a prompt fashion, it can help to develop basic working agreements with experienced counselors you want to refer to, verifying their capacity to follow-up with referrals you send, the availability of in-person and virtual appointments, the mental health issues they address and the populations they serve.

    For More Information

    Multiple healthcare and other allied professionals in the region refer their patients to us for mental health therapy. Contact Patrick Connelly, LCSW and CEO/owner of the Mindful Counseling Center at (609) 377-5859 to learn more about our practice and our capacity to respond to your referrals effectively and efficiently. Let us know if we can provide you with our business cards or brochures that you can share with your patients. (Also see our practice fact sheet, which can be downloaded and printed out.)

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