• New in Office

    Binders in Waiting Area

    There are several binders for you to peruse in the Mindful Counseling Center office. The binders contain many of the resources available via our website. Currently we have binders on:

    • Our self-care support materials
    • Our blogs
    • Information on key mental health concerns people bring to counseling

    New Wall Art that Supports Mental Health

    When you come into the office, look for the new wall art that supports mental health and self-care. The art is based on the Center’s guided imagery and meditative self-care support resources. 

    • Nature Up Close Photo Contemplations
    • Breathe by Number Meditation
    • Guided Imagery: Storm’s Aftermath on the Beach (more coming soon)
    • Affirmations (coming soon)
    • Metta Meditations (coming soon)
    • Neurographic Art 

    Tip Sheets Available

    Copies of our Mindfulness Matters Tip Sheets are now available in the display racks in the office. 

    Ask staff for help if you can’t locate a binder, artwork or tip sheets you would like to view. If you have questions, contact us.