• Therapeutic Issues

    The Mindful Counseling Center provides psychotherapy for people who are struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety and panic, depression, co-occurring disorders, relationship and family issues, grief and loss, trauma and difficult memories, caregiver stress, addictions and compulsions, low self-esteem and confidence, difficulty communicating or concentrating, life transitions, feeling lost or lonely, LGBTQ+ and diversity issues, finding purpose, meaning and fulfillment in life, and many other challenges. 

    It is not uncommon for people to seek help from us to deal with multiple mental health issues affecting them.

    Below you will find information on some key concerns that clients bring to psychotherapy. Reach out to us for more on the broad array of issues that can be addressed through the Mindful Counseling Center.

    Note that the Mindful Counseling Center does not prescribe/manage psychiatric medications, provide court-mandated evaluations/treatment or evaluate students for accommodations for disabilities or special education services.

    Reach Out to the Mindful Counseling Center

    to learn more about the broad array of issues addressed