• Therapeutic Issues

    The Mindful Counseling Center provides psychotherapy for people who are struggling with a wide array of issues.

    Below you will find information on key mental health concerns that clients bring to psychotherapy. One or more may feel familiar to you. The information provided here may help you in clarifying specific issues you are facing and want to address in counseling.

    Each person brings a unique set of circumstances and goals to counseling. Our therapists can work with you to learn about your circumstances and goals, so that counseling can be tailored to your specific needs. 

    Note that the Mindful Counseling Center does not prescribe/manage psychiatric medications, provide court-mandated evaluations/treatment or evaluate students for accommodations for disabilities or special education services.  

    Journaling to Support Mental Health

    Scroll down this webpage for links to multiple articles that introduce journaling for mental health and self-care issues and provide writing prompts.

    Browse in Office

    There is a What Are You Going Through binder in the Mindful Counseling Center office that contains the information on the above key mental health concerns. Ask staff for help if you can’t locate it. If you have questions, contact us.