• Who We Help

    The Mindful Counseling Center offers psychotherapy for:

    • Individuals: adults and teens 14 years of age and older, of all genders
    • People in relationships (couples, marriage partners, friends, work colleagues, adult children and their parents, etc.)

    We also can offer therapy in group settings on different topics as sufficient interest arises.

    Different circumstances can call for different modes of mental health therapy (individual, relationship, group, etc.) For example, while a person’s main mode of therapy may be individual, relationship therapy may prove beneficial while dealing with a crisis affecting the individual and their partner, or during a separation or divorce. Couples who seek counseling for relationship issues may also separately meet with a therapist. A teen experiencing mental health concerns may benefit from having parents join a few sessions, in order to discuss issues that may be hindering recovery, or to discuss progress or setbacks and ways that family members can support the teen. (Adapted from Therapy Modes(goodtherapy.org))

    For more information on modes of therapy, see Differences Between Individual, Group, and Couples Therapy | Psychology Today. Contact the Mindful Counseling Center today to discuss your concerns and mode of psychotherapy that would best suit your needs.