• Kristin Littel, MA

    Kristin Littel coordinates education, marketing and outreach efforts of the Mindful Counseling Center and the Relationship Institute of New Jersey. These activities include managing, designing, writing content and providing her own artwork for their websites, blogs, social media and e-mail blasts). She created the self-care support offerings and periodically adds new activities/ideas. She also assists with the practices’ organizational development. 

    In addition to her work with the two counseling practices, Kristin consults with local, state and national level organizations to advance response to and prevention of interpersonal violence. (See Kristin Littel – EVAWI for more information on Kristin’s consulting business).

    Weaved in and around Kristin’s career have been schooling for art, creating and selling art, marriage, parenthood, disabilities advocacy, community service, exploration/travel for fun, and in more recent years, mindfulness and meditative practice.