• Pat Connelly, LCSW, CEO

    Pat Connelly is the owner and CEO of the Mindful Counseling Center, a group therapy practice offering in-person and virtual counseling via a team of experienced therapists. In addition, Patrick offers virtual and in-person therapy himself via our partner practice, the Relationship Institute of New Jersey.

    Patrick is Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who earned his master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been active in the mental health community for nearly 30 years. As a social worker, therapist, care manager, supervisor, program director and counseling practice owner, he has assisted persons struggling with a wide array of life stressors and mental health problems. He has supported people in utilizing their strengths to increase their life satisfaction and capacity to cope with stressors. He has worked in a variety of care settings, including mental health clinics, community-based programs, private practices, substance abuse rehabs and hospitals.

    Via his extensive clinical experiences, Patrick has learned what works and what doesn’t in helping others seek and benefit from mental health services. In his role as CEO of the Mindful Counseling Center, he is applying what he has learned. He is committed to increasing acceptance and understanding of mental health issues in the community by offering quality mental health care, education and support. He deeply believes that mental health concerns are best met with compassionate and skilled treatment. These principles shape the Mindful Counseling Center.

    For information about Patrick’s therapy practice and areas of focus, go to About – The Relationship Institute of New Jersey (relationship-institute-nj.com).