• LGBTI Issues

    In many ways, counseling with individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) does not differ from counseling for individuals who are heterosexual, gender-conforming and cisgender. (Cisgender means gender identity that corresponds to a person’s sex assigned at birth.) Like that population, LGBTI individuals come to counseling needing discussion and help to navigate stressors related to work, family, health conditions, social circumstances and their relationship to themselves, as well as to better understand and improve their relationships with others. (Adapted from psychiatryonline.org)  

    That said, issues specifically related to sexual and/or gender identity can be focal points in counseling for individuals who are LGBTI. For example, they may want to address concerns such as (adapted from goodtherapy.org):

    • “Coming out” to one’s family, friends, colleagues or peers or deciding to “stay in the closet” 
    • Psychological distress of discrimination and harassment they face due to their sexual or gender identity (in addition to prejudice they may deal with if they belong to other stigmatized groups)
    • Psychological distress that may occur when a person’s gender identity does not correspond with the gender assigned at birth 
    • Sorting out an authentic sense of self in the face of confusion, social expectations and pressures may lead to depression, anxiety, substance use and other mental health concerns 
    • Mental health support during the process of gender transition
    • Menal health support when a LGBTI couple decides to raise children together  

    The Mindful Counseling Center offers counseling to individuals struggling with concerns related to sexual and gender identity. Contact us to schedule a counseling session.