• Less Stress, Better Health

    We’ve all have felt stress in our lives.

    While stress has many faces, it often presents like a strain, a tension, distress or a daunting challenge or demand. Sometimes stress is a positive force, motivating us to perform. But often, it can be a negative force. If you experience stress over a prolonged period of time, it could become chronic, which can adversely impact your health and well-being. (Adapted from How Stress Affects Your Health—apa.org.) 

    Click here and then scroll down to access our FREE downloadable 2-page PDF, 8 Tips for Less Stress and Better Health. 

    These tips are in no way intended as a rigid formula to attain wellbeing. Rather, they are offered simply to get you thinking about what specific activities could potentially aid you in being less stressed and more content every day. You likely can name a number of other activities that you might both enjoy and find peace in doing. 

    The key is to turn those activities into routine practices, so they have the power to raise your sense of joy in the moment, support healthy functioning and keep you balanced when the going gets rough. 

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