• Let’s Talk … Therapy for Older Adults

    If you think you or your loved ones are “too old” for talk therapy, think again.

    Like people of any age, older people can experience hardships that can negatively impact their mental health. 

    Some common issues:

    • Stress, anxiety, depression and other difficult thoughts/emotions
    • Challenges with their own/other’s health conditions
    • Transitions (work to retirement, down-sizing, diminishing independence, etc.)
    • Caregiving challenges
    • Financial worries
    • End of life issues
    • Loss and grief
    • Feelings of lack of purpose/support

    And, like those in other age backets, there are many things that older folks can do to manage how they cope with such situations and still find contentment in life, including getting mental health counseling. 

    Some write off mental health decline as a normal part of aging. But it is simply not true. Of course, there is no denying that older age is a risk factor for a range of physical and mental impairments, including dementia. But, with people staying more active in their golden years and living longer than ever before, there is every reason to strive to age well and mitigate the likelihood mental health problems.

    Despite stereotypes some hold of the older generations as scoffing at the idea of discussing their problems, multitudes of individuals in their later-years have found talk therapy useful in dealing with hardships and transitions. Often, it helps them help discover/tap into the resiliency and wisdom they gained over the course of their lifetimes.

    Another stereotype we sometimes hear is that older people won’t like or be able to handle virtual counseling and will opt for in-person sessions. But the choice of in-person or virtual sessions is really an individual preference rather than an age-related one.  For some older persons who have limited access to transportation or mobility issues, virtual counseling can open the door to mental health assistance that they might have otherwise not have utilized.  

    The Mindful Counseling Centers has several therapists on our team who have significant experience and considerable interest in counseling individuals in middle- and later-life. Contact us to your options—609-377-5859.

    Article by Kristin Littel

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