• Meditative Affirmation: Anchored in Mindful Movement

    Idea for a Meditative Practice to Pair with this Affirmation

    In this meditation, we will focus on meditating while walking, but you could replace walking with other mindful movements, like yoga, dancing, etc. 

    Find a place to quietly walk. Start to walk, orienting yourself to your space and taking it in with gratitude.

    Anchor yourself in the sensation of walking. Attune yourself to the experience of walking … your feet stepping along, your legs and arms moving, your breathing, your heart pumping, etc.

    Say the affirmation to yourself. Take your time and listen to yourself as you say it. Focus on the words as you say them. Know them to be true or possible for you.

    After saying the affirmation, pause.

    Return to the experience of walking … the feel of your limbs stretching, your feet meeting ground, the elements on your skin, etc.

    Repeat the affirmation again and then pause.

    Return again to your walking experience. Take in the smells, sights and sounds around you.

    Repeat the affirmation and walking meditation several times more, as long as you are comfortable with it.