• Meditative Affirmation: Be Compassionate

    Idea for a Meditative Practice to Pair with this Affirmation

    Find a place to quietly sit, stand, lay down or move. If you wish, you can settle in with a few repetitions of breath, breathing in naturally and then letting it go.

    Say the affirmation to yourself. Take your time and listen to yourself as you say it. Focus on the words as you say them. Know them to be true or possible for you.

    After saying the affirmation, pause.

    Think what you would say to good friends to support them in this affirmation … to help them be warmer, kinder and more understanding to themselves and see themselves without the filter of their inner critic.

    Repeat the affirmation again and then pause.

    Now … think of yourself in 3rd person, as if you are your good friend. Tell this friend the things you would say to other good friends.  Take in those statements.  Feel their warm, kindness and understanding. Allow yourself to embrace the truth of the statements.