• Meditative Affirmation: Cultivate Goodwill

    Idea for a Meditative Practice to Pair with this Affirmation

    Find a place to quietly sit. If you wish, you can settle in with a few repetitions of breath, breathing in naturally and then letting it go.

    Say the affirmation to yourself. Take your time and listen to yourself as you say it. Focus on the words as you say them. Know them to be true or possible for you.

    After saying the affirmation, pause.

    Use mental visualization to bring up a picture of yourself actualizing your affirmation. See yourself smiling at your own reflection.

    In “May I” language, jot down what you wish for that self. This type of meditation is called metta meditation, which can be directed to yourself and/or others. For example:  

    May I accept and love myself as I am. May I be kind towards myself. May I be contented in the moment. May I recognize I am worthy of love, respect, etc.

    Repeat the affirmation again and then pause.

    Now repeat the “may I” statements you came up with earlier that support the affirmation As you say these phrases, sink into their intention and heartfelt meaning.

    End the meditation with breathing and reflection. When you breathe in, take in the wonderful feelings these “may I” statements elicit, and when you breathe out, you imagine that all negative feelings escaping from your body together with the air you breathe out. Notice your state of mind, and how you feel after this meditation.