• Meditative Affirmation: Reflective Journaling

    Idea for a Meditative Practice to Pair with this Affirmation

    Find a place to quietly journal. Make sure you have something to write down your thoughts on (paper, a phone app or a computer) and a pen/pencil if using paper.

    Say the affirmation to yourself. Take your time and listen to yourself as you say it. Focus on the words as you say them. Know them to be true or possible for you.

    After saying the affirmation, pause.

    Take a few minutes to write your thoughts about your situation, your hopes when doing the affirmation, and how the affirmation makes you feel. There are no requirements for how you go about your writing—it can be as disjointed or organized as you want, with correct spelling and grammar or not, etc.

    Repeat the affirmation again and then pause.

    Write down some thoughts about what actions you would like to take to actualize the change you are trying to promote.  You can also sketch in your journal if what you want to say seem better suited to that form of expression.

    Repeat the process of saying the affirmation and writing about an aspect of it as long as you feel comfortable with it.