• Meditative Affirmation: Relax with Coloring

    Idea for a Meditative Practice to Pair with this Affirmation

    Find a quiet place with space to doodle/color. This exercise is focused on doodling/coloring of your own design or coloring in an adult coloring book. Gather the supplies you need (e.g., coloring book, blank paper, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint,  etc.). Optionally, you can replace doodling/coloring with any art activity.

    Say the affirmation to yourself. Take your time and listen to yourself as you say it. Focus on the words as you say them. Know them to be true or possible for you.

    After saying the affirmation, pause.

    Take a few minutes to start doodling/coloring, letting yourself get into the flow of it—the feel of drawing/coloring, the feel of your brain connecting with your arm/hand and your hand connecting with the paper, the feast of different hues you can combine, etc. While you are doodling/coloring, you can also think about/embrace the affirmation, let it wash over you and influence your artistic choices.

    Repeat the affirmation again and then pause.

    Continue with doodling/coloring. The goal is both to allow you to relax into the act of doing a left brain activity as well as give you an opportunity to creatively express your feelings and aspirations related to the affirmation.

    Repeat the process of saying the affirmation, pausing and creatively expressing your feelings about it as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Even if you awkward creatively expressing your feelings, this exercise can at least offer a chance to relax into art with no expectations of what the outcomes should be.