• Tame Your Inner Taskmaster

    Do you try to deal with whatever life throws at you each day and inevitably fall short of being satisfied with your efforts?

    While your “inner taskmaster” might urge you to take advantage of every opportunity and respond to every demand, such a grueling pace overwhelms the mind and body.

    However, your inner taskmaster’s ultimatums don’t have to rule you. 

    You can choose to do a few things well each day, rather than attempt to do it all and forever failing.

    To use of your time and energy wisely, it is important to take stock of your priorities. Ideas to help (adapted from Kolberg & Noadeau, ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize your Life):

    • Take time daily for reflection: Consider meditative practice to first help get anchored in the present. Then, step back to look at the big picture. Think about your day in terms of actions you want to take immediately as well as longer-term goals. Set your day’s priorities accordingly. You can also end the day with meditative practice, gratitude for what worked for you that day and recognition of what you will put onto another day’s schedule. 
    • Limit the bombardment of demands you place on yourself. You are a mere mortal. The fewer choices and demands you have, the easier it is to prioritize. It may take experimentation to figure out what you can realistically do in a day. 
    • Rotate your priorities. There may be things you need to do only on certain days or times of the year. 
    • Don’t forget to make appointments in your schedule for activities that replenish your mind and body such as socializing, reading and exercising, as well as for must-do maintenance activities (paperwork, food shopping, etc.). 
    • Consider if you need help. Is there anyone amongst your family/friends who could assist you with priority setting? You might also consider counseling. A counselor might aid you in looking at your values and patterns/expectations related to setting priorities, exploring inner taskmaster messaging and supporting you in identifying options to loosen its hold and find more balance in your life.

    For help and support in taming your inner taskmaster and dealing with other emotional/behavioral challenges, give the Mindful Counseling Center a call to schedule a counseling appointment.

    (This article was adapted from our Mindful Life e-newsletter, 2-15-23.)