• Teach Mindfulness to Kids

    Breathe in Happiness

    I’m walking out of a busy community center one day and pass a young woman who is holding the hand of a pouting, very cute toddler. Imploding into a tantrum appears to be a distinct possibility for the little guy. In those moments, I am privy to their conversation.

    Calmly, the woman (who appears to be mom to the toddler) says:

    “Breathe in happiness … and blow out that anger, dude.”

    In classic toddler fashion, the boy further extends his pout and mumbles incoherently.

    After a pause, Mom follows up, softly, sweetly: “There is no room for being happy in all that anger.”

    Miraculously—at least to me—the toddler appears to listen to her. He does not freak out. He actually calms down.  


    This mom has taught her young child basic mindfulness, which has helped him regulate his emotions. He could have spiraled down in his anger but the mindful exchange he shared with mom allowed him to pass through it fairly unscathed and move on. It seemed an accepted aspect of their dialogue.  What a gift this woman has given herself and her child.

    As D. Gelles wrote in a New York Times article, “Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. It can help parents and caregivers, too, by promoting happiness and relieving stress.”

    Sharing Mindfulness Skills with Kids

    So, with the benefits of mindfulness for kids on my mind, I’m wondering what teaching tips might be useful for parents and other parties who want to aid children in building mindfulness skills. I did a little research into tips and teaching methods—here’s are a couple links to get you rolling:

    Don’t Forgot to Teach Yourself to be Mindful

    Now, of course, if you are teaching your children (or any children for that matter) mindfulness, it is ideal if you are also working on incorporating mindfulness into your own routines. Here are a few related links:

    I wish for you patience, self-compassion and moments of joy in learning mindfulness skills and teaching them to your children!

    Article by Kristin Littel

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