• The 3 Cs

    There are many techniques available to aid you in mindfully coping with difficult/negative/challenging thoughts and feelings. For example …

    You can take notice of when negativity is getting the best of your thoughts and feelings, as well as affecting your behaviors.

    You can explore what is really going on with your thinking, feelings and behaviors. 

    Having taken notice and explored, you can then shift your mind and behaviors in a more positive direction. 

    The 3 Cs is one technique to consider. Yes, shifting your thinking takes patience and practice, but the outcomes are worth it.  

    Later this week, you can download a new Mindfulness Matters Tip Sheet outlining the Cs. 

    Next on the Mindful Life Blog, we will present a blog series on TEB skills, which like the 3Cs, can aid folks in being more aware of the interplay between their thoughts, emotions and behaviors, learning to cope better with difficult situations, and shifting away from negative spirals and towards more accurate and helpful mind states and behaviors. 

    Contact the Mindful Counseling Center if you would like help in implementing these and other positive self-talk strategies: 609-377-5859 or go to our website.


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