• Groups

    Therapy Groups

    The Mindful Counseling Center can offer therapy groups on specific topics as the need and interest arise. In group therapy, members of a group interact with each other under the guidance of a therapist. The group may be made up of people who are grieving, have anxiety or panic attacks, deal with depression, have bipolar disorder or a personality disorder, or members of a family. The counselor typically goes around to each member of the group, asking them to introduce themselves or talk about their week. This initial exchange usually leads to deeper issues that can then be explored. Other members of the group are also allowed to ask the person questions or challenge them. However, members of the group are expected to respect each other. Groups may be educational, supportive, or utilize CBT, DBT, or any other number of methods. (From The Different Types Of Counseling Styles | BetterHelp)

    At this time, we have no active therapy groups. Reach out to us if you are interested in forming a therapy group.

    Support Groups

    Mindful Counseling Center also occasionally offers support groups (or self-help groups as they are sometimes called), in conjunction with allied organizations and community members. Support groups are groups of nonprofessional people, sometimes led by a therapist, who provide each other moral support, information and advice on problems relating to some shared characteristic or experience (American Heritage Dictionary).

    If you have interest in started a support group in conjunction with our center, please reach out to us.