• Boost Your Self-Love

    Self-esteem can be a vague phrase, so let’s be clear about what we are discussing: Respect for and love of yourself.

    We get that the concept of self-love may be entirely too touchy-feely for some. Still, loving and respecting yourself, or at least striving towards this state, is what can facilitate self-care and, in turn, aid you in viewing yourself as capable of helping yourself and others.

    Note, however, we journey towards (and away from) self-love throughout our life, as opposed to attain it once on a permanent basis. It can build and blossom in us, and then wane and build again. It is multi-dimensional—you might feel you love one part of yourself at a particular time, but not so much another part.

    We encourage you each day to find openings to honor yourself, just as you are in the moment, and to be compassionate towards yourself (see our previous blog on self-compassion). We are NOT saying that if you engage in such daily activities that life will be a joyride characterized by self-love. Not at all. The reality is that we all can get unbalanced by our human experience in large and small ways over the course of an hour, a day, a week, etc. For example, you or a loved one might be diagnosed with an illness that leaves you feeling powerless. You might have a fight with your partner. You might get passed over for a promotion. You might have a panic attack in the grocery store. A friend or relative might be mean to you. Disruptions like these to your smooth-sailing life (or already unbalanced one) will keep happening.

    Nurturing self-love when life knocks you off-balance can be hard, but it’s by no means impossible. Practice can help. One strategy is to take a mental pause after the disruptive event, thought or feeling and then act in ways that support you in getting centered again in your mind. The customized pausing and supportive actions you take to regain balance can become a core part of your self-care routine.

    Please reach out to us at 609-377-5859 or via mindful-counseling-center.com if you would like to work through an issue via therapy that has left you feeling unbalanced or otherwise want help with devising/practicing a self-care plan to cope with life stressors while leaving room for inner peace. 

    Article and artwork by Kristin Littel.

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