• Why Go to Therapy?

    Mental health therapy can help treat problems … and so much more.

    As explained in 8 More Reasons to Go to Therapy | Psychology Today (R. Howes), people often seek therapy to help painful or difficult experiences or problems become tolerable. Therapy can aid them in changing harmful thinking, relational and behavioral patterns.

    Addressing problematic issues and patterns in your life is a great reason to go to therapy.

    People also seek help from therapists to enhance what already is good in their lives and for support in making transitions. Therapy can aid individuals, couples and families in getting healthier, achieving potential and being more satisfied with life. (This assistance may also be called coaching.) Consider these reasons to try therapy, as described in the above article:

    • You want to love and accept yourself
    • You want to make a relationship better and even great
    • You want to be a better parent or caregiver
    • You want to thrive in your career or another aspect of life
    • You want to find out who you are on a deep level
    • You want time each week to focus completely on yourself
    • You want to forgive and move on
    • You want to practice assertiveness, express emotion or achieve something else

    Interested in exploring whether therapy might be able to aid you in addressing an important issue in your life? Do you want to learn more about your therapeutic options? Contact the Mindful Counseling Center. We are here to help you get the tailored assistance you need.

    Article by Mindful Counseling Center Staff

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